Huge amounts of fun learning how to drivesafely in one of our new 4x4 vehicles across a wide variety of terrains here at Donington Park. Both our parkland and woodland courses have steep inclines & declines in addition to plenty of side slopes creating a great environment for all types of off roading; suitable for beginners and corporate drivers alike.

This course is for junior drivers over 14 years old and is perfect to experience their 1st Drive; as are the off road facilities at Donington Park. Basic Vehicle Maintenance, a highly interactive 1st Drive Safety Workshop and 1st Drive Practical Training make up the course with the emphasis being firmly on ‘responsibility’ and ‘attitude’. The ideal introduction for youngsters before they take to the wheel for real!

Book a taster experience in one of our amazing skid cars, you’ll experience the thrills of sideways action, smoking tyres and 4 wheel drifts all in a safe environment, lots of thrills but also gain some new skills, a perfect gift for all ages and ability. Vouchers last for 6 months and can be redeemed by phone or on line.

A more intense, longer & learning based session than our Skid Car Taster Experience, which also includes a short introductory briefing before learning first hand all about skidding. The extended in car time is spent learning how to control and more importantly avoid skidding in the real world! Great experience for a gift or for corporate drivers.

This three part session sees drivers learn what causes skidding whilst preparing them for driving in the winter, mentally and practically. Time is spent in the classroom, in one of our Skid Cars and in car on the road. This is a great way of preparing your corporate and business drivers for driving this Winter.

Aimed at the corporate driver our Automotional Winter Driver Training workshop provides an interactive multi-media presentation that sees up to 20 of your drivers learn about how to prepare for and then drive safely this and every Winter. Prices from just £20 per head.

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